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Map spawn edition для редактировании респавна в кс го

The rest is simple — call functions for spawning a Gauss with ammo for it in the NPC's inventory see abovechange his faction with a special function, make him friendly. Hello guest register or sign in. Sends a message to all players in normal chat.

Set the camera in the location of the planned spawn and record the coordinates. Also record vprof data for the span of the demo timedemoquit — Play a demo, report performance info, and then exit timeleft — prints the time remaining in the match timerefresh — Profile the renderer. Here's a list I will provide the rest of the links at the end of the tutorial: Sends a center HUD message to all players in various colors. If you can't get the correct version spaawn the mod or version, you have to create it by yourself, like written below. Use only one base.

наверное нужно плагин сам редактировать, или я незнаю. 1 Apr Hammer Editor Tutorial 40 - Spawn /Respawn Entities By the way, you can file csgoskins4free.com from the original folder and open it for editing.

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