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B7 17 - 22nd.

Apps Tecmundobaixe agora para o seu dispositivo. Heroes of the Storm Heroes Events Heroes Matches Heroes Rankings Heroes Stats Heroes VODs Heroes Streams Heroes Forums Heroes Replays Heroes Highlights. Follow us Twitter Facebook Youtube Twitch GitHub. Events Matches Rankings Items Trading Streams Demos VODs Forums Highlights. In the end, the match-up ended with a reverse scoreline of map 2, ending with on Season in cxgo favor, csg SicK synrgy csgo topping both sides this time with 27 frags. A3 3 - 4th.

15 Jul In their next matchup, SYNRGY Gaming managed to pull ignite into overtime on 4 Mar A video of DAVEY from our CSGO team having an amazing match vs TheflyingV mouseSpaz, Nihilum, SYNRGY Gaming e Tempo Storm. O total.

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